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Visa Requirements

Once you have decided to study at Namık Kemal University, you should contact the Turkish Embassy or the closest Turkish Consulate in your home country to determine the necessity for and the type of visa necessary for you to remain in Turkey for the duration of your study period .The application for the visa should be made in advance so that your studies will not be delayed. You should also make sure that your passport's expiration date will not exceed the time that you will pass in Turkey.

Residence Permit

All students who are not Turkish citizens or residents are considered international students and need a residence permit. Temporary residence permits can be obtained from the Turkish Embassy in your home country.

Cost of Living

 Estimated living expenses for international students are minimally 350 - 550 Euro per month. However, cost of living may depend on the city. Living cost in major big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir would be relatively higher than Tekirdag.


Accomodation: 200-600 TL (100-300 EUR)

Food-Drink    : 300 TL-( 130 EUR)

Transportation:  60 TL( 25 EUR)

Social Activity: 150-200 TL(65-85 EUR)

Closeness to İstanbul

 Tekirdağ has a unique strategic position at the crossroads of Balkans and Europe. Name as “the Pearl of Marmara”, Tekirdağ offers various social and cultural opportunities to its guests such as;

Tekirdağ not only attract visitors with its natural beauties but also its closeness to İstanbul, Dardanelles and prominent cities of Thrace offer variety of choices for travel and sightseeing. Especially, its closeness to İstanbul for about a time of 2 hrs. by bus provides an alternative programme for different types of activities in İstanbul.